Our beautiful earth is increasingly being abused and destroyed due to pollution of our environment, which adversely affects our health in ways we do not even know. 

Our mission is to provide healthier products for our customers, protect the environment from the toxic chemicals of product run-off and reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions. Doing R&D and manufacturing of Certified Organic skin care products done makes us one of the few manufacturers of USDA ORGANIC skin care in the world.


Our production has acquired 40 acres of pristine Ontario forested land will be home of the new ‘net-zero’ facility powered by solar and geothermal systems as an initiative to drastically lower GHG emissions. This land is certified USDA ORGANIC and our goal is to gather the nutrient rich wild botanicals from the forest, such as wild perennials, herbs, seeds, fungi, etc., for the manufacture of skin care products.

Skin care is a huge market, which unfortunately is not regulated, this has left the door open for manufactures making all sorts of questionable claims of organic or natural products.

Organics 11 commitment to bring integrity to the industry, incited a world search for the strictest, cleanest and the most trustworthy certifier of skin care products - the USDA ORGANIC status. 


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